Origin One Store - Box Review

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I could blame my love for stationery to the fact that I am an Architect. We work with varied mediums of art to convey our designs, so our love for papers, books, pencils, all things artsy is quite natural. So when I heard about a box dedicated to quirky minimalistic stationary, I had to try it!
Origin One store is a unique stationary box subscription that caters to people who love stationary and who dig minimalism! Their designs are classy, and they have a wide array of items like planners, notebooks, badges, stickers, postcards etc.
I tried the  Mini-box, and it so happened that I ordered just in time to receive the Diwali box. The content was a surprise, and the wait for the box was killing me! I received the box around the dates that they had mentioned. It came in a courier bag that is customized for the company and screams ORIGIN ONE right from the start! It was then enveloped in a lovely colorful wrapper that protected the box underneath. The box again is stamped with their niche design, and thank god for the multi-layered packing, because the cover was slightly damaged  due to transit, but the contents were perfectly safe.

Coming to the content of the box, there was a chocolate (quite a surprise there!), a planner (its actually a checklist- something I absolutely need!) , and a small notebook. Apart from this, there was a  stark  white minimalistic coaster, two beautiful envelopes  and a postcard, a badge with their logo, a couple of stickers with their logo, and a few cards about being eco-friendly and the like.


Full points for packaging. The designs are definitely unique and appealing. The box is priced at Rs.1100/- inclusive of shipping. I felt its a bit over priced as about 40% of the content is just stickers and badges advertising their own brand.
Would I buy the box again ? Maybe not , but would I buy the products individually? Maybe I would!
They have a whole lot of products on their website, and they have boxes in different sizes too.