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Neon Soul

by Alexandra Elle

This compilation of poems by Alexandra Elle is a wonderful read for anyone at all, simply due to its very appealing writing style. Here is my experience of reading this poetry book that came out very recently.CoverThe cover is a dark gray background with neon green lines on it. The title is also in the same green and makes for a pleasant book cover. It relates well to the title, but says little about the... »

Talking to Ayisha Malik

I loved reading Sophia Khan is not obliged, and it was an absolute joy to have the lady behind the book answer a few questions for us! The book talks about Sophia Khan, a 30 year old single Muslim woman who is looking for the man of her dreams and also penning her book about muslim dating. If you want to know more, read the full review here.About the AuthorAyisha is a British Muslim, lifelong... »

Sophia Khan is Not Obliged

by Ayisha Malik

I got this book in my February box from The Biblio Box, and dived right into it as the theme of the book is relevant to life at the moment, and also because the Author is someone we wanted to cover in this month that celebrates women in all their glory and diversity. Read on to know about this very enjoyable book, and if you want to know more about the Author, click here. Cover... »


Murder is Easy

by Agatha Christie

I had to pick up a book by the queen because she happens to be one of my most favorite woman author (read more here) and I had to read one by her in this month dedicated to women! I picked Murder is easy just out of whim, and here is what I think of it.CoverThe cover is simple, with bright block colors, and an illustration of a car. It has the signature layout of... »


Chronicle of a Death Foretold

by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

After I read Murakami for the first time last year, I gained a renewed interest in magical realism. The hint of magic, the strong emphasis on an unseen power and more such  ideas had me enthralled. I went on to hoard some more books by Murakami, and I also went on to buy some books by Gabriel Garcia as he is considered a master in this genre. After much contemplation, I picked up Chronicle of... »


Strung with love

Nothing screams love as poetry does. Writing poems expressing love in all its forms is the most human thing to do. From poems that talk about the sensuous high love gives you , to the heart ripping agony that heartache brings – Poetry is almost a synonym of love. I for one absolutely love poetry , as  it is the finest way to channel emotions. One  can truly pour out their heart in these lines... »


January book buying

With the new year come aspirations to hoard more books, but I have made a conscious decision to reduce buying books I don't really want. Hence, I have decided to stick to my list of books and try to buy only those (even as I am writing this, all I can think of is about the titles that I’ve never heard but will be on my shelves soon, from my visit to the bookstore!)But January... »


A Perilous Undertaking

by Deanna Raybourn

Mysteries have always been a favorite, and somehow this genre teamed with a female protagonist seems like a hit for me. From enjoying the Tracy Crosswhite series, to adoring Ms.Marple, I sure have a thing for female detectives  and Veronica is definitely a new favorite!Cover The book has a deep wine colored background with a metallic impression of a scene from the book.The cover, as per my understanding interprets a night in the grounds of... »


Blog tour- Two Days gone

by Randall Silvis

I had the opportunity to review this interesting thriller, and dived into it a few days back.While I absolutely love mysteries, and the kind where the Cop is digging out the truth – this one is more intriguing that the others, for we have a best selling Author and  a Cop in the lead!If you love mysteries, and enjoy them as much as I do, go on and give this book a read and tell... »


TBR 2017

While I surpassed my Goodreads challenge of reading 40 by 13 more books , this time around too I hope to read a lot many books and outdo my set target ! I read about 8 out of the 10 books that I aimed to read last year  along with all the other books that I picked on whim. This time around my TBR is going to be a mix of Authors, genres and titles... »