Where can you find free (and quality) books to read?

It is a secret fantasy of any reader to receive surplus amount of books for free. The good news is it IS possible. Here we bring to you a few ways in which you can receive free (and quality) books. Most of these require you to have a book blog of your own. But few don’t. Do add to the list if you know more sources of books. 1. Netgalley If you are a book... »

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Author Interview – Tejaswini Apte-Rahm

We finally got a chance to have a conversation (so to speak) with the author of These Circuses that Sweep Through the Landscape, and guess what, we like her! Author Bio Tejaswini Apte-Rahm is the author of the short story collection These Circuses That Sweep Through the Landscape published by Aleph Book Company in December 2016. She is a full-time writer from Mumbai. Her short stories have been published in Himal Southasian (Nepal), BLink (Hindu... »

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Best Stories from Around the World

by Deepa Agarwal

‘Once upon a time there was a story. The child who read it was so enchanted that she/he couldn’t stop at just one and kept searching for more and more.’ I have been reading short stories collections a lot lately. A couple of weeks ago guys from aleph publishing got in touch with me. They were offering ‘Best Stories from Around the World’ to review. I quickly jumped at the opportunity. The fairy-tale like beginning... »

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Literary world in the first half of 2017

One of the few things that I really plan is my reading adventure for each year! Yes, I call it an adventure because I try to ensure that the sequence of books I line up, the mix of genres, and the duration each takes is a trip to another land and life by itself. While I did plan to include a wide array of genres in my reading list for the year, thrillers have been... »

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An Ishmael of Syria

by Asaad Almohammad

I am not too fond of literature set in war torn region simply because of the political trivia involved, the gory details (call me a sissy if you will) and the sad accounts are too much for me. However, I have read a few books set in the middle East during, pre and post war in spite of them coming with heart-touching accounts that aren’t pretty in any way. So I decided to take on... »

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13 Reasons Why: series adaptation

There are so many issues that accompany suicide. But the question always remains. Why did he/she commit suicide? Why didn’t they harder? 13 reasons why is one of the best young adult TV series I have watched recently. When I finished the book I wasn’t satisfied. There was something missing throughout. The series is everything that was missing. Here are seven reasons why I loved the series more than the book: 1. Perspective We all... »

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