by Keigo Higashino

There was a time when I was way too inquisitive to find a good book to read. I read reviews on Goodreads, read reviews on instagram and blogs of fellow book bloggers. I read everywhere to find a read that would get me out of the reading slump that I was under. I bought all those books and more, and it has taken me days, months and over two years to even read half of... continue reading→

cover: Malice


by R J Palacio

Doctors have come from distant cities Just to see me stand over my bed Disbelieving what they’re seeing They say I must be one of the wonders Of God’s own creation And as far as they see they can offer No explanation And if you were wondering why a book on a child with face defect is called ‘Wonder’, this is why! Don’t you love how the author introduces the book to you? Written in... continue reading→

cover: Wonder

Roll of the Dice

Nayana Addarkar, translated from Konkani by Xavier Cota

When the lights on the railway overbridge came on, some activity began in the hutments below the bridge. Women began to drag themselves out of the occasional hut, getting ready to deck themselves up for the night ahead. This is how Zaitun spent her nights. She worked as a prostitute to feed two mouths. In the story she recalls her life with Hussain. They were madly in love with each other but when Hussain realised... continue reading→

cover: Roll of the Dice

The Baptism of Tony Calangute

by Sudeep Chakravarti

It was at the brink of my study trip to Goa that I was frantically looking for a book from/set in Goa. I couldn’t find anything that spiked my interest, therefore, left without reading any literature from the place. This book fell into my lap after months but I am glad I finally read it. Even though I will not go back to this book again, this one is a well written book that any... continue reading→

cover: The Baptism of Tony Calangute

Men without Women

by Haruki Murakami, translated from Japanese by Philip Gabriel and Ted Goossen

Men without Women, as it turns out to be, is my first ever Murakami. I bought a kindle copy of this book in spite of possessing two physical books by the author already. It must have been the steep discount that I did not check the reviews before I bought myself a digital copy of the book. It was tempting as well, I must state. A short story collection that could have supposedly kick started... continue reading→

cover: Men without Women

A Story of a Long-Distance Marriage

by Siddhesh Inamdar

Long distance marriage is not a new concept but a book written about the whole dynamics is definitely a new thing that has come around. I was very excited for the book not just because of the title but also for the cover! This book is the most beautiful cover I have come across so far this year. About the inside, I did enjoy it. Just don’t think I will reread it. Follow Cover page... continue reading→

cover: A Story of a Long-Distance Marriage