Author Interview - Ryan Ringbloom on Hooker Heels II

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Short review of Hooker Heels

Hooker Heels is a story of a woman who is looking for short cuts in life. She does not believe in herself enough to work her way through things. Instead, she sleeps her way through them. Yes, she is a hooker. Kenna does not know any better.

But then she meets Zack and everything changes. Zack is a billionaire with a heart which is priceless. She learns about bigger things in life through him and he learns her truth, not through her.

The web entangles and they go their separate ways. Only to come back to each other because nothing bad ever happens when Ryan writes the story! order your copy here

Let’s see what she has to say to us today!

  1. All your characters are incredible. Where do you get inspiration to write such beautiful characters?

A. My husband is truly incredible, he is absolutely my number one inspiration while writing. Also, some of the stories are plucked right out of our real life. PANIC, in particular is very close to my heart.

  1. My favorite character is Patrick among them all. Who is yours?

A. This is something I am asked all the time and it’s so hard because I do love them all. Patrick and Zack were inspired by my husband the most but Josh was absolutely the most fun to write. I love him!

  1. All your characters are people suffering from love. Yet each story is different and every character so unique. Do you sometimes suffer from writers block or are you scared of repeating a character? How do you get over the fear?

A. I suffer from writer’s block all the time. All.The. Time. And I live in constant fear of repeating a character. I will often walk away and read, or go on television binges, increase my exercise, have a glass of wine (or two) just to give my brain a break, then I jump back in and keep my fingers crossed!

  1. Name a Young adult author who gives you sleepless nights because she may be better than you at this?

A. Um, try all of them. LOL! Seriously, I think every book I read, I’m like, WOW, this is fantastic. But if I had to pick one that I would aspire to be just like – it would certainly be Co-Ho!! Colleen Hoover is a rock star!

  1. Which author is on your auto-buy list?

A. Colleen Hoover & Abbi Glines.

  1. If Hooker Heels was made into a movie who would you cast as lead characters?

A. Zackary Knight would 100% be Joe Manganiello! Tall. Big. SEXY!!!! Kenna is tougher for me, Blake Lively???

  1. Sell your book in one sentence!

A. Spoiler, she really is a hooker.

  1. Any last words?

A. Readers are everything to me. When a reader connects with one of my stories and reaches out, whether in a review or on a social media site, wherever, it’s a feeling I can’t even explain.Those words are appreciated beyond measure. Thank you to everyone who takes a chance and reads one of my books.

Veena – I adore you!!! You are such a loyal reader who reached out and now you are one of the first people I go to when a new book is released. Thank you so much for your kindness and support!

Love, Ryan

You are amazing Ryan! Wish you all the best for the book. hope it does well too! just like the others!

Veena Choudhary

An avid reader and history fanatic.

Mumbai, MH