by Aziz Hamza

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Roman empire has astonished me since I read Julius Ceaser. Therefore when I received this book for reviewing I instantly said yes. This is written by an author from Saudi which further aggravated my curiosity.

History immortalizes both the names of the greats and the tyrants without making a distinction between them.

Cover page

Eterlimus is a story of Rome hence the classical architecture is very much expected in the cover-page. But what really attracted me to the book is the color riot. The book cover is splashed with different shades of red (or crimson?) which subtly describes the anger during the time. There are also buildings on fire indicating an uproar or a rebellion. All-in-all I love the cover-page. I would definitely love to have the book in my collection.


As the Title suggests, the book is about Eterlimus. He is a pimp in the times of the evil King Tarquinius. Tarquinius has preceded the throne with treachery. Eterlimus is a peace loving master of a pleasure house. He is clever and knows how to avoid unfavorable circumstances using his wit. A perfect character to help overthrow the king.


The Roman empire is in the hands of an evil king who has stepped on the throne by killings hundreds. Eterlimus’s family was also murdered by King Tarquinius. Flavius saves the little boy Eterlimus and takes him under his own wings. Eterlimus learns better and does not seek revenge. UNTIL, one of the girls in his pleasure house is brutally assaulted in his pleasure house on Sextus’s orders.

Eterlimus, drowned in the idea on revenge, forms a plan which will eventually lead to the destruction of the king. But what he does not know is that it will also lead to the rape of Lucretia. Eterlimus’s plan throws more people in fire than he had expected to, leading to his own destruction.

The content is filled with suspense. It keeps you on the edge of the table waiting for the story to unfold. The book is very fast paced. It has got the essence of the Roman empire. It is a treat for people who love a face paced historical fiction.

Discourses, which are mostly wrapped in spurious religious and patriotic ideologies that ignite the enthusiasm of the ignorant masses.


The narration is a bit confusing at times. It is more like a play than a story. It may very well remind you of Julius Ceaser. There is also a mix of tenses at a few places.

Good points

I just loved the cover-page. It is a work of art. It indefinitely puts the book on the map. I was happy with the content, more or less. Language gave a feel of the Roman empire, which is what I was going for.

Bad points

Eterlimus’ love story was not very convincing. I did not find it growing. It felt very shallow. I wish the author had a more planned approach for narration.

The virtuous are among the weakest and quickest to sin.


The book definitely has more positives than it has negatives. I am looking forward to reading more books by the author.

Who do I recommend this to

I recommend this to people who enjoy history and historical fiction.

Quotable Quotes

when you walk the path of revenge, know that someone will always follow your trail.

If the gods chose Sextus as King of Rome, the worst possible evil will befall it.

Veena Choudhary

An avid reader and history fanatic.

Mumbai, MH