Well-spent Weekends: Atta Galatta

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With Atta Galatta having fun events (read fun for bibliophiles and the like!) at regular intervals, Team Meraki has always been delighted with what they have to offer. From their many book launches, we attended the most recent one by Manu S. Pillai, to the more recent folklore telling by the Storywallahs, we have been quite enthralled.

Aimed at kids mostly and for anyone who has been fantasized by stories, our Saturday evening was well spent among smart and eager children listening animatedly to the storytellers who not only wooed the children but the adults alike.

Encapsulated in faraway lands, and carried off to another time, the very enthusiastic story tellers surely put a smile of contentment and joy that one derives from something as simple as listening to stories. It was quite a sight to see the little ones being so taken by the art of storytelling, and folks in general and not to forget the adults who were equally delighted to have been taken back in time when they spent many-a-moments listening to traditional folklore.

We look forward to more such events that target the young and the old, the poet and the story enthusiast and anyone who is enticed by the magical world of words and wonder.

Veena Choudhary

An avid reader and history fanatic.

Mumbai, MH merakipost.com