The Rejected Writer’s Book Club

by Suzanne Kelman

Read time: about 5 minutes

An award winning Screenwriter, Suzanne Kelman is the author of Southlea Bay series. The Rejected Writer’s Book Club is the first in the series and is sure to make home in the heart’s of readers who enjoy this genre of writing.


Another one of those that I first noticed due to it’s cover ( yes we’ve heard- Don’t judge a book by it’s cover and all but one cannot but help being attracted to pretty covers!). A pleasing cover this, the book is enveloped in a blue jacket that is adorned by a stack of beautiful mismatched cups.If you dwell a little deeper ( after you read the book that is) maybe the cups represent the different characters in the book – each very different, yet all of them brought together by this Club. It is visually pleasing and there is nothing stiff or intense about the cover- just as the story is. On the contrary it portrays that it is a light and fun filled read.


Janet, a librarian at the little town called Southlea Bay is involuntarily roped into a group of queer women who are a part of the “ RejectedWriters Book club”. While this group consists of the local residents of this town, they are a rather amusing and queer bunch of women. The other characters include her husband, her pregnant daughter and her husband, Dan, a mechanic they encounter as the story progresses, and a few other equally strange and interesting character that make the story as fun as it is!


Janet always wanted to make friends at Southlea Bay from the time she moved in, however that remained an unfulfilled dream until she is suddenly roped into organizing an event – involuntarily, and taken on a whirlwind adventure she initially loathes and ultimately enjoys.As the title suggests, the story revolves around a “ Rejected Writer’s Club” a club that celebrates drafts of stories written by them that are so bad that they never make the cut They are proud members of this club sharing stories that they’ve written that are as queer as them. Just when they are about to celebrate their 500th rejection letter, they are shocked and saddened to have received an acceptance letter! What happens when one of the stories is finally accepted? The books takes you on a funny journey of what happens when this draft is accepted by a publication house.


Written from Janet’s perspective, it is a fun book. Quirky and pleasant, sarcastic and sweet – the writing deserves a special mention. A well written book according to me is the one that has writing that is easy to latch on to and get attuned to real quick.

Good points

Right from the cover page to the title to the first few chapters – everything is in sync. The title gives a clear picture of what the book is about, and somewhere you predict the story of the book. But wait on! for where the story leads you might just surprise you a little. It is crazy and sweet and very very adorable. The characters are rather queer and very lovable just the same. The flow of events is another point that deserves a mention. Though at times, the events might seem a little dramatic- movie like, but are fun and exciting nevertheless.

Lastly the characters and the uniqueness of the plot are real winners. A bunch of middle aged women celebrating their rejection – How much more unlikely can it get? Each character is well thought of and portrayed beautifully – flaws and all. The way the characters grow and bond is beautifully shown here. It is not in your face bonding, and the story does not derail to become a saga of new bonds forged but it is a subtle undertone that runs while the aforementioned plot runs high. Oh and did I mention the very quirky titles??! Look out for those too.

Bad Points

It is a light read, something that makes you smile and contemplate on the silly things you’ve done in life, those are stored away as dear memories. However, as much as I adore this book the end seems to drag a little, just a teeny tiny bit- but I just wished to reach the end sooner than I did. Lastly, there are very few quotes or memorables that I’d take from this book, and it lacks the depth ( However, this book isn’t meant to be deep and all! but still, a few takeaways are always nice!).


A light breezy read, solely focused on women who adore witty writing. It isn’t one of those life changing, nerve wrecking books but something that you’d read lounging by the beach or on a road trip with your girls.With characters and plot as such, it makes for a quick fun read.

Who do I recommend to?

More like when? This makes for a great Summer read and a fun book when you are travelling, and now coming to who. Ladies who like funny books – not pure humor but general adult fiction laced with giggles, you are sure to enjoy this book.

Quotable Quotes

“A hat, and a funky scarf and snazzy glasses. All good authors wear snazzy glasses. Well, I won’t do it. I look ridiculous in a hat. ”

“Listen to me, Flora. You are kind, gentle, genuine and lovely. And I can’t think of qualities that are more attractive in a human being. Dan sees all of those amazing things about you and likes them too. Don’t let self doubt rob you of at least seeing where this relationship could go…”

An advanced reader’s copy was received for this one, and the review is an unbiased opinion on the book.

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