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While some Countries can’t wait to have Summers knocking at their doorstep, most of us Indians can’t wait to send it packing! While the temperature is merciless in most parts of the Country, most of us still adore summers – reason 01 – Mangoes!, and reason 02 – SUMMER HOLIDAYS!!, and no matter how old you get, there is something about summers that puts you in a lazy ( read tired) mood where all you want to do is stay indoors or go on holiday to the few places that are blessed with more pleasant temperatures. As if bibliophiles need reasons – the summer heat forces most of us to stay indoor, or have minimal activity ( again, read fatigue and exhaustion) and the power cuts don’t help too much either leaving us to the mercy of books to keep us from boredom.

Here is a list of just a few books that either remind us of the glorious summers of our younger days, or just a few others which make for a perfect read whilst you are on a holiday, or are visiting the ancestral town or are just cooped up indoors.

Swami and friends

Chances are you have either grown up watching, reading or watching and reading this gem by R K Narayan!, oh and if you haven’t you sure have heard about this from them”90’s kids”.The very adorable lead character, Swami will make a mark on you sooner than you know! Also, the fictional town of Malgudi could just be the ancestral village which you are bound to visit in your holidays. If you haven’t read this masterpiece, this Summer would be a good time to do so.

Queen of Babble by Meg Cabot

A series spanning 3 books, this is a lesser known work of the Author. Hands down a favorite, I could spend my entire summer reading this series and not be bored! Queen of Babble, takes you on a humorous journey of love, mistakes, dreams and of course growth. Laced with the too much cuteness and funny somethings, this book comes with tips and ideas for wedding gowns and general preparations, as our leading lady is quite smitten by the idea of love and the big fat fairy tale wedding!

If you are a lover of women-centric books and chic-lits you are sure to love this.

Jungle Book

Might sound cliche but if you are a 90’s kid, and haven’t spent your TV time watching “Mowgli” swinging from tree to tree, you need to go back and grow up once again! With the amazing Jungle Book in theaters this year, most of you have already watched ( and maybe mesmerized by) the movie. How about exploring the story a little more and grabbing this book to follow up the movie!?

Many other books by Rudyard Kipling that document his life and experiences in the mountains and general fiction by him, make for a light and fantastic summer read.

Agatha Christie

While I really cannot pick a title for you, if you are a lover of mysteries, you are already aware of this legend. Grab a pitcher of chilled lemonade and immerse yourself in the books by the Queen of Crimes!

Enid Blyton

While the fan in me could dedicate this entire list to this Author, I cant help but recommend Blyton! Chances are you have already read a book or two by her, how about giving one of those intense life changing books a miss and instead grabbing an Enid Blyton –for old times sake!

Rabindranath Tagore

While most other reads mentioned are light reads or books that don’t impact you in complex ways, Tagore is that name is the list who will make your Summer a retrospective one. Leaving the reader a little sad, a little surprised and very very moved, pick a book by Tagore to spend your warm Summer evenings reliving the bygone days in the streets on Bengal, and expect to be swept away by his unmatched characters, stories and the warm after effect it has on you.

Mark Twain

While most of us were introduced to this Literary legend through academics, the work by Mark Twain is beautiful to say the least. While his books include content appealing to large age group, the style appeals to people from all age groups and this one too makes it to your TBR for the Summer.

Ruskin Bond

His work leaves readers of all ages wanting for more, this list would be incomplete without the mention of this wonderful writer. Having given us a number of very loved books Bond is one of our favorite author’s who’s books are best suited for a holiday, or to savor some pleasant short stories on a hot lazy afternoon.

Mills and Boons

Again, I cannot really pick a topic for you, but if you love mushy romances go get yourself a M & B already! While summer overlaps with spring, and apparently springs screams Romance, could there be a better time to kill your Summer days with romances which are as mushy as they come!

John Green

Can’t say I grew up reading Green. But he is one the most loved Author’s under the Young Adult category. While his books focus on relationships between young adults, his books have been appreciated by people of a wide age group.

While some of his books have already been made into movies, maybe you could spend your Summer days, first reading and then watching them stories by Green.

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