Broken Pieces

by Dr Gowher Yusuf

Read time: about 4 minutes

When a dear person asked me to review this book, I was only delighted to be doing a review of a book written by someone in my close circles. The Author was kind enough to provide a copy of her book for the purpose of this review. This fifty odd page book is a documentation of a few of her poems written two decades back.



The cover is a mixed palette of pinkish purple, probably depicting the dusk, with a bush with flowers confined by a wall. The entire hazy image is overlay-ed with a shattered glass. With the title of the book written in bold white letters on the lower right side, followed by the Author’s name in smaller letters, the cover page sways between average and unpleasant. The cover would have notched up on the positive side, had the shattered glass not been there.

Though I do understand that the cover is trying to portray a person who has been confined, who’s dreams and hopes have been shattered, it is all forced into the cover page making it a mishmash of one too many ideas.


It is a book that documents poetry written by the Author over two decades back, she has written about herself and her struggles, and a few poems talk about her daughter, Sana.


This collection of poems written by this amateur writer two decades back was published by Educreation Publishing in 2016. The Poetess mentions that these poems were written at a time of emotional distraught, and how she found relief in these words.

The poems encompass varied emotions and notions like hopes,and shattered hopes, dreams and broken dreams, pondering over life, loneliness, faith etc. Some of the poems also showcase her love for her daughter, and talk about revived hope.


Written in first person’s perspective, the poems have been written in a simple poetic manner, that is easy to grasp and relate to. However, the language needs more refining and the grammatical errors irk you some and awaken the grammar Nazi in you.

Good Points

Unlike some poetry that uses complex language and intricate words leaving the reader a little confused, the writing is simple and direct and easy to relate and comprehend. The poems convey whatever they wish to in a very direct manner, and yet leave you contemplating, trying to dwell a little deeper.

I for one believe that poetry should be read in small doses, and then analysed word by word, peeling away each layer and revealing another dimension, and the size of the poems and the book are perfect for it. It is not very long or exhaustive, and you can finish it at one go and gives you enough fodder to mull over, without emotionally exhausting you.

Bad points

The language and the grammar needs immediate attention. Though I personally believe that the grammatical rules adhered to for prose, don’t hold good for poetry, it irks me just the same that some sentences need to be reworked on. It is also a little expensive for the size, and any poetry enthusiast might be apprehensive to spend that much on a Poet(ess) he hasn’t read before. Last of all, the cover needs some re-configuring ( you’ve already read all about it).


I really enjoyed reading this book in spite of the few glitches. The content is raw and worthy of appreciation. It is very relatable and the simple writing really helps. Having said that, dwelling a little deeper displays many more emotions than what’s just printed.

Who do I recommend this to?

Anyone who is looking for food for thought, snippets about life and all its ups and downs might enjoy this. It is thought provoking, and simple and someone who is confused and feels let down by the trails in his life might find solace in these words.

Quotable Quotes

Somewhere beyond the stars,
there is another world,
the world of our dreams.
Where love forms the sky; clouds outpour blessings on us,
rainbow depicts the various colours of life,
where life blends with love at the rising horizon.

Today, I carry my own dead body on my shoulders,
to the burial ground, with my very own hands
I dig my grave and lay my poor body to rest.

One day she was gone with the wind,
taking away the light from his life,
darkening his world forever
the pain of separation makes him,
weep in solitude and spend sleepless nights.

Gazala Amreen

Logophile, bibliophile, writer, designer, high on wanderlust and all things pretty.

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