Confessions of a Queen B* (The Queen B* #1)

by Crista McHugh

Read time: about 4 minutes

I have been reading a lot of young adult books these days. Mainly because of the popularity of this genre. It is also revisiting the past which makes the genre more interesting. We have all been through this stage and it surely was a fun time. First crush, butterfly in stomach, facing the queen bees etc.

This is what brings me to this book called Confessions of a Queen B*. Initially I was really thinking this would be another book that I would love in the genre. But it all came tumbling down in the few pages in the beginning itself. Here is what I felt about the book.

crista mchugh

Cover page

The cover-page of the book is downright boring. These are the moments that make you wonder “do authors understand the importance of cover-pages at all?” the cover-page has a crumpled paper which is laid out and there is some more not so appealing graphics on the cover. A pathetic attempt!


The book is about Alexis Wyndham. Alexis or Lexi, which she does not like to be called as, has a serious issue. She hates the so called popular crowd. And to channel her hatred she writes a blog. Alexis’s blog is very famous in the school for its big scoop and scandalous revelation. She also uses it as a platform to put the bullies in their place. Alexis’s character is very interesting, in the beginning.

But then she goes ahead and falls for the school star quarterback Brett. Brett is the most stereotypical male lead you may have found anywhere. He is good at studies, rules the football field, respects women, loves his family, is drop dead gorgeous and does not exist in real life!

The characters are good as an origin but there seems to be lack of depth in them. They appear to be very shallow as you read on and you end up having disconnected from the plot. Not something you will like in any book.


Alexis Wyndham hates all the popular kids, including Brett. But when they are paired up together for a school assignment she has no other go but to work with him as partners. She also has a mission of finding out who chickened out from working with her and exchanged his name with Brett.

In the meanwhile she ends up realizing that Brett is not the stereotypical star quarterback that she read in books and perceives in the head. Brett is actually kind of a nice and she finds herself getting attracted to him.

The content of the book got quite predictable since the beginning of the book. There were no surprise elements in the book.


There were a number of repetitive words which could have been avoided. The language went on being flat throughout. There were no emotional niches or a raging war anywhere in the book. The narration is quiet dull. You may find yourself willing to give up on the book quiet often.

Good points

The female character is a power girl. You will find yourself loving her, that’s before she goes ahead and falls in love with the football star and turns out to be dumb as ever.

Bad points

Ah! There are so many! The cover-page comes close to being repulsive. It just does not work. The male lead is spotless clean. Clean enough to be larger than life. The story does not seem to have any content. The failed narration of the romance between the lead characters is very annoying. The end is quite abrupt. Let me stop here!


This book is not what I expected it to be. It lacks the depth. The book seems like a lazy attempt on the author’s part.

Who do I recommend this to

Those who like a powerful female lead may come to like this book. This is definitely about the girl power.

Quotable quotes

I expected to feel awkward or paranoid from all the eyes on us, but walking with Brett felt comfortable, natural.
Right, like we belonged together.
Yeah. I’d fallen for him.
But I was still too proud to admit it. Just call me Mr. Darcy.

My first tweet: “Hormones suck, but damn they feel good at times.”

“Besides”, he continued, his voice turning slow and seductive, “there’s objectification of women as an object of appetite, and then there’s the worship of women as an equal partner in mutual desire.”

Pride and Prejudice: I lost myself in the world of manners and miscommunication, of country dances and grand Regency balls.

I stared at him like he’d grown another head. “But it’s like the most caveman-macho thing out there.”

“No, it’s not”. He pointed to the players who were warming up on the field. “Think about it. A bunch of guys wearing tight pants, slapping each other on the ass, tackling each other to the ground. The only thing that’s more gay is wrestling.”

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