by Charles Perrault, illustrated by Arthur Rackham

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What can I say that is not already said about fairy tales. We all have grown up with them. Their tellings and retellings have been etched in our minds. My latest new obsession with fairy tales has taken me back to the good old days of fairy tales. As I visit the land once again I hereby bring the refreshed memories of Cinderella. I read an edition available on Amazon. This is a beautiful book authored by Charles Perrault, of course, and illustrated by Arthur Rackham.


The cover contains a silhouette illustration by Arthur Rackham. It is a beautiful scene from the story where the fairy god mother is turning the pumpkin into a carriage for the wonderful night at the palace. There are lizards and rats all over. These tiny pretty illustrations depict the characters in the story. This makes a good cover for the fairy tale collections.😍


Cinderella is a story of an orphan girl who lives with her stepmother and two step sisters. The girl is very kind and gentle. Her stepmother and stepsisters are hardly family since they often mistreat her and make her do all the chores in the house. The author has refrained from ghastly portraying any character evil. There are also other characters such as the prince, the mice, the lizards etc who help to build the story splendidly.


Cinderella lives with her stepmother and stepsisters. She is constantly being mistreated in her own house. Quoting one of my friends: ‘Cinderella is a horrific story about a rich girl whose evil stepmother forced her to live as though she were a member of the working class.’

There is a twist in the sob worthy life of Cinderella when she hears of this ball that is taking place at the king’s palace. The prince has invited all the maidens in the kingdom but Cinderella is not allowed to go. As the night approached Cinderella feels terrible and cries.

The fairy godmother sees her and magically turns her night into an unforgettable experience.

The story ends with the prince coming to find her and marry her. And of course, they live happily ever after.

The story is magical. It has everything positive about it. It makes you believe in everything nice.


The language is very simple. It refrains from too much negativity. The focus is on the magical element of the story which is bewitching. Picking up of small elements like mice and lizards and blending them into the story is exceptional.

Good points

The illustrations are just beautiful. It makes me want to do another post featuring all the illustrations in the book. The story is a classic by itself. The more you read the story the more you want to read it. The characters want to make you believe in magic and they succeed too. Language is simple yet beautiful.

Bad points

Cinderella as a character is often debated to be shallow even when towards the end the author calls her ‘as good as she was beautiful’.


It is a classic fairy tale. It is beautiful story. A definite must read.

Who do I recommend this to

This is for everyone. Boys, girls, feminists, realists, fantasy fanatics.. Everyone.. Just everyone..

Quotable quotes

Once upone a time there was a gentleman whose second wife was the proudest and most haughty woman that was ever seen.

She told Cinderella to lift the sort of the mouse trap a little, and as each mouse came out, she gave a tap with her wand, whereupon it was transformed into a fine horse. And so the six mice made a fine set of six horses of a beautiful mouse-colored dapple grey.

Cinderella, who was as good as she was beautiful, gave her two sisters a home in the palace and that very same day married them off to two great lords of the Court.

Veena Choudhary

An avid reader and history fanatic.

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