August additions to my bookshelf

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As fellow Meraki post members say, I go a little crazy when it comes to buying books, but as I always correct them – it is crazy and broke! But buying books is so wonderful, I’d happily be broke. Thanks to The Biblio Box, I now try to buy books around the theme so that my book buying is a little more organised and not too random.


At the start of the month, I stumbled upon some beautiful hard bound classics from Crossword bookstore , made for them by Penguin Publishers. I own a tattered copy of Black Beauty, and was looking for a nicer one as I love the book, and I just seem to have found one. Hence I bought this one and bought The secret Garden, because I have heard wonderful things about the book, and had to have it on my shelf!

Coming to my upgraded box! The theme for August was Crime fiction, and I chose to upgrade it with a bunch of used books by varied authors. The box itself had The Trap by Melanie Raabe, and The Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie. Apart from which they had a hoard of crime themed bookmarks, a hand cuff bracelet, a key-chain with a quote from Sherlock and a BIBLIO scarf, which is again inspired by Sherlock Holmes! I got Three act tragedy, Mrs.Mcginty’s dead, Problem at Pollensa Bay, Murder is easy - all by Agatha Christie, and Prophecy by Peter James. I picked Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde from a local bookstore as it was another book that was listed by them and I wanted for myself.

Apart from these, I got some lovely books by Pan Macmillan India. I got The Muse, The thing about Jellyfish and What lies between us from them. I just love how wonderful these books sound, and I have been very very excited about The Muse and look forward to reading it soon.

Overall, I love how diverse my bookish purchases have been this month, and to make myself feel it wasn’t a very expensive affair, as most books are used (but in very good condition), and the hardbacks came at a great price, and I got some to review. The only flip-side is – I DO NOT HAVE SHELF SPACE!

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