Incursion (Catalyst Moon #1)

by Lauren L. Garcia

Read time: about 3 minutes

Freedom is worth everything. Everything.

It is a world of fantasy where some rule over the significant others. Some live freely while others in cuffs, all for their inherent characters. Lauren Garcia tells a beautiful tale of the worth of freedom. Her beautiful story is made even more interesting with the presence of mages and sentinels. And of, course other beastly creatures.

Cover page

The cover page reflects the genre. Black dominates the cover with lead characters from the story and a crow. Which has a part to play in the story. The cover page is good to look at. I wish the spine and the back cover was paid similar attention. The spine looks dull and the back cover looks incomplete.

The designers have followed the rules and delivered a good product. The pages and font inside are easy to read. I am glad I was sent a physical copy for my collection!


Mage halcyon is a magician living in the world of ordinary people and hence assumed dangerous. She is kept in watch bound by cuffs which is locked by hematite. But kali is hardly evil. She is a woman with kind heart who wishes good for the ordinary and others too.

Stonewall is a sworn sentinel appointed among many others to maintain a balance in the world. He has no one he can call his own and that has toughened him up. Stonewall is an epitome of masculinity in the book. He is strong, courageous and respects women.

There are other characters too in the book. Canderis for example are ‘built like Oakes and strong as oxen. These blue eyed warriors are paced about like wild creatures.’

All the characters are distinct which makes them interesting to read.


The book contains parallel scenarios happening in the same realm. These connect with each other in fragments.

The world is full of magic and ordinary people. Those who possess magic are considered to be dangerous since they have powers yet to be known to normal being. Therefore to maintain a balance in the world they are kept bound in handcuffs which is very closed to being jailed.

The situation is unacceptable to some of the mages and hence they plan an upheaval.

Mage halcyon, completely unaware of the upheaval is happy to be sent off to whitewater where she hopes for a cure to her knee.

The story is of the journey of Kali and stonewall. The story is thrilling. The detailing such as the sound of battle etc paints a vivid picture. The slowly developing intimacy in the book is definitely a major highlight of the story. It resurrects your faith in the emotion. The writing keeps you on your toes. The unexpected occurrences wow you. It is 312 pages of shear magic and thrill.


The language is very simple. The narration is fast paced. The story is a mix of fantasy and regency.

Good points

The cover page is beautiful. The characters are powerful. Each one possesses different endearing qualities. The content keeps you on your toes. The narration invites you into another world and makes you stay.

Bad points

312 pages seem too less. You are left with wanting to know what happens next. But that is what sequels are for, right?


Overall this is a fast over fantasy novel which will keep you on your toes throughout.

Who do I recommend this to

This book is for all those who are new to the genre. This is also for those who like quick thrillers.

Quotable quotes

Nox bring your spirits safely over the river. Tor guide your steps into the next life. The one keep you in all your days.

How bleak it must be, to live without such a faith that made his own life vibrant.

“Freedom,” he repeated. “It’s worth all the danger, Eris. It’s worth everything.”

Veena Choudhary

An avid reader and history fanatic.

Mumbai, MH