Bitter Sweet Love

by Michael Faudet

Read time: about 3 minutes

Thanks to the internet, the world is a much smaller place, and gives us many opportunities to connect with netizens from across the world. It is a wonderful medium to come across amazing talent, which would either never reach us, or would –very late. Having seen the Poet’s writing on his social media, I always wanted to read more by him. So, when I got the review copy of Bitter Sweet Love, I was simply elated to be reading it.


The cover is an illustration of portrait of a girl, it is a sketch and a picture morphed together. It is a clever interpretation of the content of the book - which is a mix of magic and reality, it also seems like an evolution of the cover of the previous, and his first book- Dirty Pretty Things which is a really interesting concept and I am quite eager to see how the next cover turns out. Coming to the title – it is self explanatory and talks of love in all its glory ( and the not so glorious side!).


The poems don’t revolve around one person, but touches upon relationships between various people. It is about life and lovers, love and heartbreak. The emotions captured in the book are the real protagonists of this one.


Talking about love and all sides of it, Bitter Sweet Love is a beautiful compilation of poems long and short, that touch upon the various emotions co-existing with love. The poems are laden with love, heartbreak, lust and are infused with a hint of magic that makes these sensuous musings all the more interesting.

Good Points

The poems come in varied sizes. Some, a mere two lines, some spanning a few pages- this mix of sizes doesn’t make it a monotony of long poems, nor are there just lines that touch and go.

Each poem tells a story in just a few lines in the most concise and appealing manner. The emotions captured really tug at your heart and the writing style does full justice to what the Poet intends to convey.

The poems are sensuous without being vulgar and they are written in very simple language that is very easy to relate to and understand. Lastly, the touch of magic takes these poems to another level.

Bad Points

Though I enjoyed most of the writing, some of them were lengthy and almost prose like, standing out awkwardly in pages of words that flow very poetically.


A book full of bitter sweet shades of love, this one captures emotions so beautifully without complicating it. Thoroughly enjoyed the magical elements that are sprinkled generously with a heady mix of sensuous writing!

Who do I recommend this to ?

Poems aren’t everyone’s cup of tea mostly because the writing is complicated and multi-layered.

So if you have been contemplating on reading some poetry, grab this new release now!

Quotable Quotes

To speak of unconditional love is like building a palace on quicksand..

Each falling leaf, a fallen tear.. the autumn came with winter near. Now all that’s left of love is death, a story told with frozen breath…

When we plant weeds in a beautiful garden, it is often tears of regret that water them..

No fond farewell in silence made, just falling tears in falling rain.

All sunshine gone, no warmth remains, in empty cups, our autumn came.

I think somewhere in a parallel world, we made love in a garden of wilted flowers. Our trembling hands reaching out, trying to grasp the last watery rays of a dying sun . Where our hearts collided and shattered into a million tiny stars.

Gazala Amreen

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