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Our second month of the birthday posts , and we have not three but four Authors to talk about . Why ? Because they are amazing!!! Unfortunately we could pick more , but do tell us who did we miss that you love?

Roald Dahl


Born in 1916 on September 16th , if you are a bibliophile and don’t know him , you aren’t bibliophile enough! Though I myself haven’t read any book by him , I have seen quite a few motion pictures adaptations of his stories and loved them( Charlie & the Chocolate Factory , Matilda and more recently BFG) ! Though his books are primarily meant for children , everyone unbarred by age love his writing. Its time you (and I ) picked one book by this legend and indulge some.

Agatha Christie


September 15th was the birthday of the Queen of Crime. Ms. Marple and Poirot are her brainchild , and are very loved by Crime fiction lovers. 2016 also marks 100 years since the appearance of Poirot –the second most loved detective after Sherlock. Do I need to bother explaining as to why you should read this amazing legend’s book ? No , I hope not! The writing is gripping and as one detects and guesses the end , the climax by her has you spellbound ! While there may be a small chance you may not like her book , but by and large most of us agree that she is one of the finest Crime fiction writer’s to have ever lived.

Stephen King

This American author was born on September 21st , and writes contemporary horror, supernatural fiction, suspense, science fiction, and fantasy . He is a multi award winner , and the crime fiction lover in me has been eyeing his books for a long time now. I really look forward to reading one of his books that I have with me soon . Do tell us if you have read anything by him , and if you have , which do you recommend we start it ?

“A little talent is a good thing to have if you want to be a writer. But the only real requirement is the ability to remember every scar.”

Cecelia Ahern

You have either watched , or read or watched and read P.S I love you! Written by this young Author , her birthday falls on the 30th of September and we had to include her! While her books appeal to a wide array of people , they make sure you shed a tear or two. If you have a soft corner for romances and tear-jerkers , you should try one of her books. Here are two of the books by her that we reviewed.

“As the rain falls and the sun shines, they grow, grow, grow; minds so open, they go through life aware and accepting, seeing light where there’s dark, seeing possibility in dead ends, tasting victory as others spit out failure, questioning where others accept. Just a little less jaded, a little less cynical.”

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