Alternate Opinion: Bitter Sweet Love

by Michael Faudet

Read time: less than a minute

Bitter Sweet Love, as the title suggests different flavors of love as we come across it. The book is a collection of poetry and short stories prodding the many dimensions of love. Some poems are deep and some are very simple. But what I liked the most in the book is short prose. They display a physical and mental escapism which is alluring. ‘The Boardwalk’ being my favorite, explores time travel. Other stories display his love affair with multiple women over the period of time. Lucy is the star of the book, though. The stories featuring her are more attention grabbing than most.

The poems and one-liners are beautiful too, but they somehow fail to hold attention. Frequent use of ‘electricity’ to describe any tingling feeling is annoying.

The author hates goodbyes. Therefore he invites the readers down the rabbit hole. It is a sweet parting message.

Overall, I liked the collection. Loved some of the writings but just liked the book as a collection.

Veena Choudhary

An avid reader and history fanatic.

Mumbai, MH