DNF: Colorful Notions (The Roadtrippers 1.0)

by Mohit Goyal

Read time: a minute

I tried to like this book, I really did! Reading the blurb I was really excited to pick this book up to read. It seemed to have everything I love about life. Travel and food! But sadly the first time I picked this one up I gave up on the 7th page and the second time at 42nd. I will be brief about why I DNFed this book and a short review.

Colorful Notions was going to be a reading treat for anyone. Just anyone. Or at least that’s what the blurb appeared to say. Travel, food and youth were a great combination to spin a story around. But sadly things started tumbling down right from the beginning. The cover page is rather average. It does not stand out or does nothing to appeal to you as a reader. The dull combination of colors and some caricature does not work at all. The characters are rather cliched. They have been spoken about in numerous books and watched in many movies. The characters had nothing to offer. No depth. The content seemed to be interesting in the book but went from bad to worse as the journey progressed. The author could have made a list of places he visited and a food he ate and it would have not made any difference.

The narration was the most annoying part. It was quite dull. It was devoid of any feelings at all. The language was crude to the core.

I would say the concept was quite interesting but it lacked in detailing.

It was a bad pick for me. I have decided not to pick this book up again to read. I DNFed it.

Veena Choudhary

An avid reader and history fanatic.

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