November Haul

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Space crunch is a real problem for bibliophiles , but it isn’t reason enough to not buy more books! So here I am , with my November book haul , though I have absolutely no room for more books!

nov haul 4

My first ever Comic Con visit was everything and more that I thought it would be , and I found these amazing Sufi Comics there!! The author was not just gracious enough to sign it but also doodle for us. This is the most unique way of getting my sufi fix , and I cant wait to dive into these (yes I got all four of them!) . My favorite bookstore opened it’s second outlet and thanks to the new store visit , I found some very stunning used books – out of which these Snoopy comics are a sheer treasure !

nov haul 3

Though am vary of buying used books online , I tried it out thanks to the wonderful recommendations by “Book Deals for Broke Bibliophiles – India” and I was not disappointed! The books were in an excellent condition and came well packed . Overall , though I really feel used books are best purchased at the store , you could totally check them out online too ( I used a seller called AMAZE on amazon- and though I was very happy with their service , I cannot vouch for the same all the time as it was my first and only experience so far).

nov haul 2

Coming to more used books , I found some very gorgeous vintage editions that I had no need for , but again – how does one even resist books as fine as these? These covers /editions are no longer in the making , making them all the more precious , and a treasured part of my growing library.

nov haul 1

Lastly , thanks to the biblio box , I got my hands on some brand new books – part of which were a part of the box , and some more I got to be reviewed. Oh, not to forget , I got two copies of The Great Gatsby – one sent to me in a book exchange – and the other , I purchased simply because I loved the cover! How could I even forget mentioning the fact that I was very fortunate to see the very fantastic Jeffrey Archer , and procuring a signed copy that he is touring currently for! Do let me know if you would like a copy of the The Great Gatsby , as I have one to spare !

Happy December!

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