DNF: I Love My Love

by Reyna Biddy

Read time: less than a minute

This is one of those books which you believe you will love but ultimately you tire of how much time it takes for it to make sense to you. I gave it up in between. I was half way through he book and I gave it up. It was testing my patience a lot which annoyed me towards the end.

I love my love is essentially a poetry collection which focuses on your own insecurities, self discovery and letting yourself fall in love. While the collection seemed quite interesting in the beginning it started getting repetitive pages after pages. The same emotions are depicted in different words. The similar feeling of melancholy is spread over the book like dull clouds. Some of the lines in the poems are beautiful while the others are just crude. It does not even give you enough time to delve on the previous poem. I took enough breaks between reading the poems but I still couldn’t get through the entire book. I DNFed it.

Veena Choudhary

An avid reader and history fanatic.

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