Movie Adaptation: Cinderella (2015)

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Cinderella has been the most known and beloved fairy tale of all times. It is the magic of the godmother and the kind heart of the Cinderella that fills the book with fantasy. The evil step mother is also a part of the tale. An important part. When there is no evil, goodness is not exposed. The movie version of Cinderella is for the first time letting the evil side explain their side of story.

The book

Cinderella is a beautiful girl who lives with her stepmother and three step sisters. She is as beautiful as she is kind. Forbidden by her stepmother, Cinderella is upset to not go to the ball held in the honor of the prince. That’s when the fairy godmother enters and lives are changed with magic. It is simple and sweet story of a girl finding love and her happily ever after.

The movie

Disney’s Cinderella is a lot different from the book. The Cinderella story has been given a lot of depth. Here Cinderella is a girl who loves her mother but loses her to a terminal disease. She is asked by her mother to always have courage and be kind. Those were the last words.

When few years later Cinderella finds out that her father is in love, she promises him to be kind to the new family too.

The story picks up the pace from here. The step mother is not evil in the beginning, just a little insecure. More so because of the relationship that Cinderella and her father share. It can be noticed at the nigh she throws a party and overhears Cinderella and her father talking about her.

Cate Blanchett is ever so graceful in the evil stepmother’s character. The step sisters here are child like but they too have got dimensions. The magical elements in the story is what carries you to the dreamland. The carriage and beautiful clothes are elaborate, better than the imagination. The beautiful transition of

I loved the entire movie but of all the depth of Cinderella as the character is inspiring. The Cinderella here does not intend to go to the ball to charm the prince. She wants to go there to meet her friend. And till the end she remains kind. Like she promised her mother.

This is a movie definitely worth watching. It is one of the best Fairy tales converted into a very charming movie.


The fairy tale is the classic and the movie is a unforgettable work of art. Both are worth reading and watching time and again.

Veena Choudhary

An avid reader and history fanatic.

Mumbai, MH