TBR 2017

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While I surpassed my Goodreads challenge of reading 40 by 13 more books , this time around too I hope to read a lot many books and outdo my set target ! I read about 8 out of the 10 books that I aimed to read last year along with all the other books that I picked on whim. This time around my TBR is going to be a mix of Authors, genres and titles that I would like to read throughout the year. 5ba3b07b-a37b-4f94-907e-57736a81d7ed

Explore more Magical Realism

While I fell in love with both magical realism and Murakami , I could read only one book by him. I also collected a few Gabriel García books, and wish to read both these masters in the forthcoming days.

Children’s books

Yes, another genre I loved in 2016! I procured the entire Anne set and would love to re-read Anne of Green Gables and all other titles in the series. Other than this I would only be too happy to squeeze in an Enid Blyton and some other loved writers for children.

Short Stories

Reading short stories is an ideal way to take a break from lengthy exhaustive reading . They make for great reads while travelling , and maybe planning to read these will bring some luck with travelling too .

The original and the re-telling

This is one thing that I really look forward to ! Reading an original and it’s retold version sounds fun right?


The genre I like the least - the language is strenuous and the plot can be tiresome , but they are what they are for in-spite of being difficult reads , they leave you awestruck and with a lot to think about! Maybe a classic or two throughout the year wouldn’t be too bad, would they ?

Author goals

I really wish to read some Authors like Milan Kundera, Amitav Ghosh , more Bukowski etc , why ? They are extensively loved by so many bibliophiles and it’s a shame I haven’t read a lot by them!

Agatha Christie

I have a growing stack of books by this legend .What’s the use of them if I ain’t reading a couple of them throughout the year ?

Throwing in some love

I need to read me some romance, as it seems I am losing the romantic in me!

Spiritual/ non-fiction books

I am not too fond of non fiction , but the only way to truly understand the real world is to delve deeper in it. I hope to read at least one book that makes me a tad more spiritual , or probably makes me more aware of real people , and real situations.

Them mysteries

Yes, the genre I LOVE! Needless to say I hope to read mysteries of all kinds . Be it a psychological thriller , or a crime thriller – I am sure going to read a lot of these!


A genre that I haven’t read , because I have a preconceived notion that I possibly wouldn’t enjoy it.Hoping to read at least one fantasy , just to step into a magical world , because sometimes,all you need is a little magic.

Commit to a Series

The commitment phobic person that I am , I failed starting “A song of Ice and Fire” in 2016 , but I continue to resolve to read a series even if its not all the books in a year , at least one can hope to make a start.


Another genre I love , I hope I read more poetry than I did last year- for in these intense , sensuous lines a part of me finds home

More Readalongs!

Reading along with a bunch of book-lovers is fun! The discussions that follow , the dissection of the book , the various perspectives , and the understanding of characters from so many different angles is enriching and I wish to soak more of the awesomeness spread by fellow bibliophiles.


The one thing I despise the most is reading in a rush ! Reading is therapy , reading is done best when done at one’s own pace .Reading is wholesome when you can savor the lines , dwell on the emotions and re-read until to read between the lines , and reading with the clock ticking in my ears is an absolute no-go!

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