Murder is Easy

by Agatha Christie

Read time: about 3 minutes

I had to pick up a book by the queen because she happens to be one of my most favorite woman author (read more here) and I had to read one by her in this month dedicated to women! I picked Murder is easy just out of whim, and here is what I think of it.



The cover is simple, with bright block colors, and an illustration of a car. It has the signature layout of the author’s name in the focus, followed by the title of the book. This is a title by Harper Collins, and the illustration throws a little light on what the book has in store for its reader.


The book has Luke in the lead who is a private detective returning to London after retiring from work. He meets Miss Pinkerton, a resident of a small town traveling to London to report a crime. She believes there is a serial killer on the sprawl in the town. Luke is drawn to the little town, where he meets Bridget who is engaged to Lord Whitfield who are also his hosts. Miss Waynflete is yet another key character in the book. Apart from these, the other murder victims, their families and the other members of the town play small but significant characters in the book.


When Luke shares his train journey with Miss Pinkerton, he humors her suspicion that a serial killer is striking innocent victims in her little town. When he sees that she has been run over by a car, her fears do not seem so empty anymore. He takes her up for her word and under the ruse of being a writer, he visits her hometown to investigate the mysterious deaths. There he encounters Bridget, her much older fiance, and the families of varied victims. The town is famous for their superstitions and belief in magic and draws Luke further into the strange happenings in the place. Luke investigates the crime, and after much speculation concludes with a list of possible suspects. Amidst all this, love finds its way in Luke’s life, and along with his partner – he is determined to catch the culprit. Is he right in his speculations? Or is he missing the real murderer? Read the book to find out.


The book follows the typical style adopted by Christie. The book is crisp in its narration and has you turning the pages rapidly without lulling you to sleep. However, the process of speculation is a long one and the book is longer the usual Christie thrillers.

Good Points

The book is an interesting take on how a quiet little town is full of secrets and becomes a convenient ground for sinister minds to work at. It is an interesting portrayal of how small towns are intricately woven together due to their secrets and history.The plot leads you on, and the climax derails you completely - leaving you completely surprised!

Bad Points

Though the narration is crisp, the process of speculation is long and can get a little boring at certain points. There are moments when you want to reach the climax already.

Who do I recommend it to?

If you enjoy thrillers, pick this up – yet another Agatha Christie to strike off your list.

Quotable Quotes

“Men have courage- one knows that”, said Miss Waynflete, ‘but are more easily deceived than women’.

‘You’ll marry me?’
‘Why, I wonder ?’
‘I don’t know. You say such beastly things to me, and I seem to like it…’

‘Liking is more important than loving.It lasts, I want what is between us to last.Luke , I don’t want us to just love each other and then want to marry someone else.’

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