Neon Soul

by Alexandra Elle

Read time: about 2 minutes

This compilation of poems by Alexandra Elle is a wonderful read for anyone at all, simply due to its very appealing writing style. Here is my experience of reading this poetry book that came out very recently.


The cover is a dark gray background with neon green lines on it. The title is also in the same green and makes for a pleasant book cover. It relates well to the title, but says little about the content of the book.


Neon soul is a compilation of poems that talk about life, experiences, heartbreak, healing and self-love. So would it be right to say that the varied emotions we experience are the characters in this book?


The poems talk about love, heartbreak, life and most of all the importance of self-love. The poetess goes on to emphasize on how very important it is for one to love themselves without depending on someone else to fill the emptiness in their life. The experiences she has had in life are written in the form of these poems. Oh did I forget to mention that there are poems dedicated to her daughter? Yes, those constitute the book too.


The poems are written in the simplest way, unlike most poetry that can be complex and full of hidden meanings. The writing is appealing and you do not have to be a poetry lover or an expert in literature to enjoy this one.

Good Points

The poems are lovely! They are simple, yet so deep and leave an impact on you. They tug at your heart and remind you of the bittersweet memories associated with love and heartbreak. Most of all, the poems are a wonderful reminder for one to love themselves. It is a fantastic book that, through beautifully woven lines remind one to let go, heal and grow.

Bad Points

None! I loved this book and have nothing fill in here.


I urge you to read this wonderful compilation of poetry. It times when the world urges you to change , it times when one doesn’t think too much before walking over your heart , this book is a wonderful reminder to let go, heal and love yourself.

Whom do I recommend this to?

Everyone! All you people who enjoy reading, read this. If you are going through heartbreak , or phases when your self-esteem is in a low, read this one.

Quotable quotes

make art with mess
from your heart
on the floor.

some will love your art.
they will keep coming back for
spoonfuls with full bellies and
empty plates – begging for more.
Some will not.

don’t forget to stop
and see and listen
and love, because
one day this will
all be gone and so
will we.

Gazala Amreen

Logophile, bibliophile, writer, designer, high on wanderlust and all things pretty.

Bangalore, KA