Maybe the Baby

by Nicole Lourdes Chavez

Read time: a minute

We have all seen a family who give up on their dog when there is a baby coming into the family. The pets often find it difficult to adjust with someone who comes in to share the love that was solely meant for them before their coming. The same emotion has been portrayed in the picture book here.

Cover page

The cover is a beautiful illustration of the dogs in the family. The water color illustration flows on the cover. It is beautiful to look at.


This book talks about the dogs in the family and what they go through when they sense that someone new is coming into the family who might possibly dethrone them. The dogs here are very insecure. They imagine a number of circumstance where they might be left alone with the attention being shifted to someone else. Their sofa and evening walks seem to be taken away from them. And then comes the reality. The cute illustrations in the book take all the attention away from the story.


The language is very simple. Sometimes annoying. It is difficult to put ourselves in their shoes and think. The font does not help a bit. The writing does not go well the pictures which are beautiful and well portray the emotions even without much text.

Good points

The cover is beautiful. The concept is amazing. For someone who has ever had a pet in the family this is going to be relatable. The illustrations are stunning. The media used flows with the narration.

Bad points

The narration has taken a backseat. The font inside does not go with the Illustrations.


It is a cute book. But it is not the best. Can give it a pass.

Whom do I recommend this to

This book is for all pet lovers and picture book enthusiasts.

Veena Choudhary

An avid reader and history fanatic.

Mumbai, MH