by Anuja Chauhan

Read time: about 3 minutes

Ever fancied a life which makes you feel alive. Like a dhook dhook dhooki inside you? ‘Baaz’ by Anuja Chauhan will make your heart leap with each flip of page. It makes you learn one more thing about passion. It is magnetic.

Here are the five reason why you should pick up ‘Baaz’ by Anuja Chauhan.

Cover: Baaz

The Indian Air Force: Baaz ke maaphik!

This is for those who have fancied men in uniforms and patriotic movies like Border. The book takes you away from your fancies and inside the lives of the men in uniform. Those who come from humble backgrounds and transform into enigmatic personalities. Ishaan ‘Baaz’ Faujdaar comes from a village in Haryana and evolves into the best pilot that Indian Air Force has produced. He is a ‘Cool Cat’ and he knows it. There are other boys who turn into super heroes during the course of the book.

Reading ‘Baaz’ will make you learn more about the life and times in the Indian Air Force.

Nativity: Kori Chakori

How many times have you read a novel by an Indian author which tries hard to sound more ‘British’ with proper diction and hard narratives. Well, this book is not one of those. You will come across colloquial English. The native Haryanvi language is mindfully infused inside the chapters. You are going to meet boys who swear both in Hindi and English. There is a switch in accent where necessary and jabs when needed. In short, the nativity is not only preserved but proudly displayed in this piece of literature.

Love story: you are my mercury

What happens when a cool cat and a sassy girl meet? They fall in love.

What happened when a patriotic aggressive pilot and a pacifist war-hating woman meet? They fall in love.

It was easy, wasn’t it? No it was not.

Ishaan ‘Baaz’ Faujdaar is the least worst pilot in the team. His sisters are all proud of him. His friends love him but sadly he decides to wrap his heart and give it away to a woman who hates the reason of his existence, not his mother—the Indian Air Force. Tehmima Dadyseth or Tinka lost her brother to war and plans to run her own crusade against it. She is going to stop the war in her own way, thus, throwing Ishaan out of job.

Their bang opposite nature prevents them from being together till the longest time. The story is about them almost coming together and separating to go their own way. Each time. Is it meant to be? You would love to find out.

Passion is attractive: dhook dhook dhooki

There is nothing more attractive than passion. Not a ‘Let’s buy a camera and travel the world’ kind of passion. Something that makes you go to any length, that gives you a rush like you just downed a bottle of Jack, neat.

This book is filled with that kind of passion. Ishaan’s passion for flying. Tinka’s passion to contribute to shut down war. Their passionate love for each other.

Didn’t I say? This book will make you feel alive.

The constant conflict: patriotic or pacifist

Especially in the current scenario in our country, you can either be a patriot or a pacifist.

This book however, asks you not to panic. You can hate war and you can still be a patriot. You can help the hurt from both the countries and still be patriotic. That love for humanity is no less pious that love for your country. That you should not have to choose one over the other. That you do not need to.

Veena Choudhary

An avid reader and history fanatic.

Mumbai, MH