13 Reasons Why: series adaptation

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There are so many issues that accompany suicide. But the question always remains. Why did he/she commit suicide? Why didn’t they harder?

13 reasons why is one of the best young adult TV series I have watched recently. When I finished the book I wasn’t satisfied. There was something missing throughout.

Cover: 13 Reasons Why: series adaptation

The series is everything that was missing.

Here are seven reasons why I loved the series more than the book:

1. Perspective

We all have, at one point, spoken about suicide victims. Each time giving our own perspective on what we thought of the crime. We all dislike it, sure. But the series brings you in detail of what those who push someone to suicide think of it. You will get to see multiple perspectives in the book. Clay is in love with Hannah. Sorry. Was. She is dead now. He would do everything he could to bring her back to life. He is vulnerable and blames himself. He wants justice for Hannah and all the other girls. Justin wants to hide the tapes and never talk about it again, forget the entire incident. Courtney knows she pushed Hannah to suicide in a way, but will never admit it. Alex knows he has done something wrong which might have killed a person, and he regrets it. He wants to pay the price and hopes everyone feels the same.

There are multiple perspectives. Each one talks a lot about human behaviour.

2. Story line

The book has two narrators. The dead girl and Clay. The narrators show two sides of the coin. The series on the other hand shows the entire universe and its horrific planes, each more disturbing than others. Each character has been given a family he goes back to, the friend he flocks with and other minute details of life. Jessica adopts alcoholism. Clay gets visions inside the school. Alex cannot make out what he feels. Courtney is not perfect. It pains her more than she realises.

It maybe a strong argument that the series had a scope to explore all the dimensions, but it is definitely great.

3. Actors

Each actor is better than the other. Dylan Minnette playing Clay Jensen is exactly a nice boy Hannah describes in the book. Bryce claims all the rage he deserves. By the end of theseries you will find yourself wishing he was dead. Jessica is the same two shaded personality that Hannah describes her. The book highlights just two characters but the series gives everyone a part to play. This is one of the best things about the series.

Each character does justice to his/her role. You could just watch it for the acting.

4. The music

13 reasons why playlist is one of the best series playlist I have heard after maybe ‘Gossip Girl’. The best of musicians have clubbed together to bring out the music to the series. They definitely deserve a bow.

5. Hannah

Yes she deserves her own section. I had never heard of Katherine Langford. I had never seen her before. But my god! She is brilliant. When she is happy she fills the room with light. When she is sad she makes you rip open the sky. The departmental store scene with Bryce makes you want to grab her for a hug and shoot the guy in the head. In the party at the pool when she says she stops feeling anything, your heart bleeds.

Such is Katherine Langford. I wish I had watched more of her before. I definitely plan to now. She has immortalised Hannah Baker.

6. The consequence

The book fails to show any. You listen to someone about how you helped them kill themselves and the book is over. Maybe Clay Jensen saves another girl from committing suicide but what about what has already happened.

Unlike the book, the series does not let the bullies get away. There is a trial and those who have committed the crime will pay the price. The series ends on a positive notes which makes you believe in humanity.

7. Last but in no way the least, the message

Yes we are responsible for our actions when we hurt someone to the point where they believe not living is the only option. Your actions play a role in someone’s life. You do not have an option of being mean, a bully or an asshole just because you never thought being any of those things can push someone to commit suicide.

Most of all, pay attention. Be nice and mean it.

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