Where can you find free (and quality) books to read?

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It is a secret fantasy of any reader to receive surplus amount of books for free. The good news is it IS possible. Here we bring to you a few ways in which you can receive free (and quality) books. Most of these require you to have a book blog of your own. But few don’t. Do add to the list if you know more sources of books.

Cover: Where can you find free (and quality) books to read?

1. Netgalley

If you are a book blogger, www.netgalley.com is heaven for you. Those books which adorn the shelf of only far fetched countries and take months to come down to India are featured on Netgalley from where you can request it to read. Netgalley requires you to have an active book blog. Here you get only digital copies. Netgalley suggests you to have a 80% feedback ratio.

This is one of the most sought after book platforms in bloggers due to the wide variety of books it has to offer.

2. Juggernaut app

If you do not mind reading on your phone then this one is great for you. Juggernaut contains books of varied genres. The books are shelved in different categories from where it becomes super easy to pick them up. It offers quick reads and the sheer fact that you carry your phone all around enables your reading wherever you are. They often have sales on their books and you can chose to get notified.

This app has significantly improved since it first came into being but if you are a kindle addict like me then you are going to like amazon stores better.

3. Amazon Kindle Store

Amazon has made a permanent place in the book world. Kindle is a pet for all the readers. They fell right from heaven when they introduced free classics. So if you want to read a classic you can just head over to the kindle website and buy it for ‘0’ rupees over there.

Many of the authors, even those as well known as Ironesen Okojie make their books available on Kindle for free for a limited time. This is definitely a great way to read more and variety of books!

4. Goodreads giveaway

This is quite a well known platform if you are a reader. Authors join Goodreads giveaway programs when they have to promote their new releases. You enter the giveaway to win. There is a slim chance that you win because the odds are sometimes as huge as a hundred against one. But sometimes you can get lucky when author offers books huge in number and almost everyone ends up winning.

5. Wattpad

Wattpad has a great collection of books to offer if you like to read on your phone for tablet. It contains books from writers who are trying to make it big or those who are already there. You can go over to the app and start reading Margaret Atwood there and see if you like the experience.

6. Blogging for books

This one is my personal favourite. Blogging for books is again a platform which offers only e-books in India. But it is way better than any other website since you get to pick which book you want to read. No draws and no waiting for the requests to get approved. If it is available then you get to have it.

Blogging for books has a strict policy for reviewers. It offers only one book at a time. You can pick the next book only after you have submitted the review for the previous one requested. This may be a trouble for those who cannot keep up with their reading but can’t keep their hands off either when they see a great book.

But the inconvenience is forgotten when you have a look at their collection. You are going to find authors in the likes of Han Kang, Margaret Atwood etc.

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