Three Review Copies I’m Excited to Read

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Being a consistent blogger has its own perks. I often receive interesting books before their release but there are seldom few which make me want to quit my day job and maybe read for a living, if that is event possible. Here I bring to you three review copies that I look forward to reading in August.

Three Review Copies I'm Excited to Read

A Horse Walks into the Bar

It was not a surprise when this book was declared winner of the Man Booker International. I am already through 25% of the book. Well into the book, now I understand the way people think. The way they react and what they mean to say instead. The author has his way with words, making you feel uncomfortable, keeping you on the edge all the time. This book has been translated from Hebrew. Another place to cross off form my fictional travel (Read: Reading and Travelling) bucket list! This one features at the top of my list.

My Hanuman Chalisa by Devdutt Patnaik

An opportunity to connect with your faith and learning the basic meanings of the mantras we chant is the best way one could be honest to oneself and to his/her faith. I have been watching the author soar great heights with his book but never got around to reading him. This is my chance! I received My Hanuman Chalisa just a few days back. I flipped through the first few pages just to get a glimpse of the writing and I must say, I was stunned. The author breaks the mantras to Basic English for us to understand. So next time when we chant Hanuman Chalisa we will not just be parroting it but also understanding what each word stands for. I can’t wait to start reading it!

India at War by Yasmin Khan

There was another book on partition that I was eyeing since some time before my eyes fell on my ARC TBR pile and I found another book by her. This one is about the Second World War that was fought by British Indian Army. I just read first few pages of the book. Yasmin Khan comes across a very powerful author who makes it clear right in the beginning that India did not fight in Second World War. Nor did it win its independence due to non-peaceful protests by its leaders. British government was just too exhausted after the war to run a massive country in India, both by spirit and finance. This book is going to be an exciting ride, I can tell!

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