Final Girls

by Riley Sager

Read time: about 4 minutes

Have I stressed enough on how much I love thrillers? It just seems like I have given up my routine of alternating thrillers with other genres and reading just mysteries! My TBR is just a long list of mysteries and thrillers that I can’t wait to read. I had been eyeing this book for a while, and when I did get it for review, I had to read it as soon as my jammed reading schedule let me.

Cover: Final Girls


It comes with two different covers, one by Random House UK and the other is by Penguin group. The one by Random House UK has dark woods , with a lonesome silhouette of a girl as the cover. The cover by Penguin group is a minimalistic one. It has a reddish black background with a side profile of a woman’s head and stab wounds or scratch marks in the title. As much as the cover with the dark woods makes more sense, I like the Penguin Group cover. It is a beautiful cover with an air of mystery to it without being too plain or boring.


Quincy Carpenter runs a baking business, lives in New York with her lawyer boyfriend, Jeff. Lisa Milner has written a book, and takes on girls who have survived a lot of bad things. Samantha Boyd, is a girl no one knows much about- someone who may have gone into hiding, someone who may be dead! Quincy, Lisa and Samantha have one thing in common- they are survivors. They are the lone survivors in horrible mass massacres that they have escaped to continue to lead a life that may never be normal again. The media has tagged them as “the final girls”. Apart from these, there is Coop- the cop who found and rescued Quincy and Grace, the cop who helped Samantha. Other than these, there are families of the final girls and the media who have small roles to play in the book.


Quincy seems to have moved on in life, partly owing to here partial memory loss which has wiped the horrid incident from her mind. She knows she has survived but she remembers nothing. But can life be normal if you have lived through the massacre of your friends? Trying to lead a life as normal as possible, Quincy’s world is shaken when Lisa, another final girl kills herself. Overcome with guilt, Quincy is upset with the turn of events as Lisa emails her a few hours before her death, but Quincy fails to help. Things get more messed up with the third final girl, Samantha Boyd turning up at her door. She tugs at all the raw ends of Quincy’s personality, revealing a side of her that she never wants to see. Sam is mysterious, and her appearance out of her hiding leaves a lot of questions unanswered. She forces Quincy to remember the night at Pine Cottage. She coaxes her for details her mind has decided to forget.

As if things weren’t bad enough, the police detects foul play in Lisa’s death. Who would’ve killed her and why? Are the killers of the mass massacres back? Did she know anything about anyone involved? Questions that shift the lives of Quincy and the ones around her from normal to anything but that. The book takes one through the lives of the survivors, and how everything in their life changes with the turn of events.


The book is written from the perspective of Quincy, and a third person perspective that narrates the events on the day that changed her life. It is simple, easy to understand without too many POVs that might confuse the reader.

Good Points

The plot is quite unlike anything I have read before. We often read about the incident, but not about survivors – if there any. This is something like one of those things that ask, now that one has survived, what now? Another thing that I loved about the book are the characters! It would seem rather rosy if someone after having gone through something that horrendous would be normal. The hint of madness, the possibly that they might be capable of doing terrible things themselves is quite intriguing.

Bad Points

There are certain parts of the book that can be a bit annoying. The characters can flare up to be a rather too irksome, but I’d credit it to their past. Maybe, right?


From the messed up characters to the unique plot, this book was a winner for me.

Who would I recommend it to?

If you love thrillers, and are looking for something unique- pick this book up! Oh, it also could give you nightmares!

Quotable Quotes

The book was too busy messing with my head that it had absolutely no takeaways!

Go ahead, grab yourself a copy of Final Girls and tell us what you think about the book! If you are a Kindle person, ensure to select the Kindle edition of the book.

Final Girls

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