by Selina Sen

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It is most unfortunate that I have to DNF this book. Not just because I was really looking forward to reading this book based in kashmir but also because I had received three books from this publisher few months back and I ended up DNFing two and giving a bad review for the third one. I have read quite a few books from the publisher and they have been doing a great job. These three turned out to be the ones I would dislike.

Cover: Zoon

Coming to the book itself, this one was on my TBR for travel reading to Kashmir. I just wanted to learn a little more about the place especially about the literature but this book just ended up spoiling the enthusiasm. I tried picking up this book thrice but each time I was compelled to put it back down.

The book begins with Joya’s reseach about Habba Khatoon also known as ‘Zoon’. Joya, along with the research has to also look for location for the shooting of the movie. That’s where she meets the love of her life. And the story goes on of what was meant to be of an epic love. Unfortunately, it hardly feels so.

The character of Joya is extremely shallow. The events leading to a student actually doing the groundwork for a famous director seem unconvincing. Joya’s hunt for location and the descriptions of the places along with places seem extremely shallow. For someone who has been to kashmir the descriptions feel unconvincing. The male character is a stereotype.

Most of all the story is not viscous enough. It takes hours for actually something to happen in the book. It is tiring. You just wait in anticipation but nothing of consequence ever happens.

I read about one third of the book and dropped it. I also tried to pick up the book again and again but it did me no good. Kashmir is memorable while I am still trying to forget this book. This is a DNF.

Veena Choudhary

An avid reader and history fanatic.

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