History/Historical Fiction: Periods I like to read about (Part III)

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Other than the periods I love (that I mentioned in Part I and Part II of the series), there are periods that I would love to read about but unfortunately I don’t know where to begin. I would love to get some recommendations for the same!

History/Historical Fiction: Periods I like to read about (Part III)

History of Greek and Rome

I have always been fascinated by Greek and roman myths and architecture. I picked up a non-fiction on the same by Robin Lane Fox called ‘Classic History of Greek and Rome’ but somehow did not get to finish it. I would love to get around to it sometime and love some more recommendations on the subject.

Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro civilisation

I did read one book on the subject but disliked it immensely. It did me some good though. I am interested in the history of the two civilizations more than ever. I have read a couple of non-fictional accounts of the planning and architecture of the city in my architecture school. Amish Tripathi’s Meluha series is also supposedly based in similar setting. I would love to read more though. Looking for recommendations!

I am obsessed with history (obviously!). And it looks like we are in love. It is not a fleeting affair as was with young adult genre. Let me know your favourite genre and why you like it.

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