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I was damn excited for this! Really excited! The trailer had me. And that’s when I decided to read the book before the movie came out. That’s how I practice it. Or at least try to.

Gerald's Game

It was my first ever fiction by Stephen King. I had read a book ‘On Writing’ in which he gives some tips on writing (of course!). He has some particular dos and don’ts. That makes you want to pick up a book by him just to see if he practices it what preaches. Well, he does. Mostly.

Can you imagine a woman handcuffed to the bedpost in a house in the middle of a godforsaken place with no neighbors around? It gives you Goosebumps! Now, imagine a glass of water on the shelf above the bedpost. The sheer feeling on inability mixed with thirst to save life might just kill someone. The trailer makes you feel all of that.

When I read the book I found it amazing save a few stretched parts here and there. The descriptions are stunning. I was in Goa alone in my room and I had nightmares on all five days! Such was the writing. The book had an unexpected ending which somewhat fizzled out. But I still decided to pick up books from King in future.

However, the movie it was made into did not live up to my expectations. Ironic that I went on to read the book just because of the movie trailer. The movie was a shortened version of the book. It could hardly live up to King’s goriness. The acting did not convince me much. The internal dialogue and multidimensional thought process did not come across well when it was made into a movie. I found myself bored towards the end of the movie. It was a waste of time. Unlike the book, the movie felt like an imposition. The aim did not justify the means.

I still want to read more of King. But the movie made me feel like it was enough! I do think this was a classic case of book versus movie where the book wins clearly!

Go ahead, grab yourself a copy of Gerald’s Game and tell us what you think about the book! If you are a Kindle person, ensure to select the Kindle edition of the book.

Gerald’s Game

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