Norse Mythology

by Neil Gaiman

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Thanks to the vibrant community of booklovers on my social media, especially Instagram, there are a lot of books that are lauded by readers. While some hyped books have left me underwhelmed, I was intrigued about what this title would have me feeling.

Gaiman is loved for his writing by most readers. I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say that they did not like him. How was my first tryst with the Author? Read on to know.

Cover: Norse Mythology


Published by Bloomsbury India in 2017, the cover is simply beautiful. It has a magnificent hammer on the cover with a dark background. The background replicates the interstellar space with flickering stars (that’s my imagination right there!), and the intricately carved hammer embossed on top.

Thor with his mighty hammer is one of the characters in the book, and maybe the Author has a soft corner for the character, just like me.


The book is about Greek Mythology, with the Greek Gods as the main protagonists. There are many gods, but the most prominent ones in the story are Loki, his children, Thor, Oden, Freya and Frey.

There are frost giants, and there are dwarfs. These characters appear in many of the stories, and most of the stories are interlinked due to certain events, characters and conclusions that they draw.


The book is divided into many short stories, these are the adventures of the Gods. The book leads one to the end—Rognarok, which is the great battle, the end of everything. The book takes one through different parts of the world, how it all started and shows the reader how it all ended.


Written in the simplest of the ways, the book is seamless. Each story is different, and yet they flow with such ease—it is impressive! Kudos to the writing.

Good Points

The writing is definitely the highlight of the book. There are probably many Greek legends, but the Author chose to narrate a few, and the continuity of it all is simply fantastic!

The book is so impressive, imaginative and is a perfect device to teleport its reader to these lands where the Gods once walked. Right from the cover, the smooth writing and the engaging stories, everything was spot on for me!

Bad Points

I have seen a lot of people sharing beautiful quotes by the Author from his other books. But I found nothing of that sort here—probably it is the style of the book, and the plot that left no room for memorable lines.


Another genre that I did not think I’d like, but fell completely in love with! The book is a complete winner for me.

Who would I recommend it to?

Anyone who enjoys reading will most certainly enjoy reading this.

Go ahead, grab yourself a copy of Norse Mythology and tell us what you think about the book! If you are a Kindle person, ensure to select the Kindle edition of the book.

Norse Mythology

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