A Happy Story

Helen Garner

Read time: a minute

He turned 41 that day. He bought himself a car and went to a far off drive. He parked the car under a tree and walked inside an entertainment center to buy two tickets for a band playing that evening.

But he has started feeling the weight of his age now.

The warm-up bands will be terrible. It’ll hurt my ears. I’ll get bored and spoil it for her. I’ll get bored. I’ll get bored. I’ll get bored.

He decides against going, much to the irritation of his daughter. He hands over his ticket to his sister and drops them both to the venue, taking off to a random place, finally getting to terms with his age.

It is a sweet story of a man growing up and accepting it. He marks his birthday in his own way.

I liked this story but it I think I will keep reading Helen Garner to find stories closer to my taste!

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