Ali Baba and Forty Thieves


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This story is particularly close to my heart. We all have grown up listening to it and watching different adaptations of the same. It was a pleasure revisiting it after all these years.

It is a story of Ali Baba who lives with his wife and son. They are not very rich unlike his brother who gains all the richness after he marries a wealthy widow. The brothers live separate lives until Ali Baba discovers a cave filled with all the wealth one could imagine. The cave can be opened with a secret code that he only shares with his brother after much blackmailing.

Cover: Ali Baba and Forty Thieves

Ali Baba’s brother, Cassim, gets greedy and gets killed. Not only that, he also leads the cave owners to Ali Baba and his family that includes two of his slaves. The story continues when the robbers discover his house. They intend to kill Ali Baba but the plan is foiled each time by Morgiana who is the most loyal servant that anyone could have asked for.

The story does have a happy ending that I liked. It also enfolds the wisdom that is common with oriental stories. It very well describes the richness of the land as was the case with The Green Man retold by Ruskin Bond.

The story belongs to the collection called Short Stories, Old and New by C. ALPHONSO SMITH. It is free on Kindle. Don’t have Kindle? Download the book here and read for free on kindle app!

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Short Stories, Old and New

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