DNF: Hell! Has No Saints

by A K Asif

Read time: a minute

I was trying really hard to get by this. The fact that I had gone ahead and requested it myself did me no good. It started out well where a young man doing his PhD in something to do with religion comes across a psycho analyst who challenges him to do a sort of yoga session after which his life is turned upside down. The fact that he enters a different realm altogether was spoken in words again and again but there is no depiction of it in the story. The story does appear to be somewhere in future where religion has taken over the control of Pakistan as a country. There are lesser men on the road than women. There are people selling artillery in the open and bullet proof jackets remains great gift for your dad you haven’t seen in 12 years.

Cover: DNF: Hell! Has No Saints

While the description here sounds great there is hardly any flow in the story. The story rather grates and you feel worn out even after reading merely four pages. The narrator talks about a lack of time sense that he feels throughout but that again has not been depicted in the story. It just comes as a statuary warning in the manual. The language itself is not appealing at all. The voice wants to be modern but is hesitant. I kept at it until 55th page but I after a point I decided I did not want to go ahead with the book.

The fact that the book has received four and five stars from fellow book bloggers makes me feel worse. I am second guessing my own decision right now. Maybe I will come back to this book a couple of years later. But right now I have decided to DNF it.

Veena Choudhary

An avid reader and history fanatic.

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