Escape from New York

Zadie Smith

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Escape from New York is a story set in the time of Apocalypse, when the entire world is fighting. The planes are shut down. There is no way to escape New York other than by road. Three friends—Michael, Elizabeth and Marlon—decide to hire a car and drive away from the madness. They are the rich brats covered in diamonds and talking about books and poetry.

“We’re exactly the kinds of sons of bitches who’d make a nice trophy on some crazy motherfucker’s wall.”

Through the story one cannot understand the temperament of those travelling to escape. They are still very good friends. However, there is a great recognition in the story for those who are into Western films and music. The friends here are Micheal Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando. The story is set during the time on 9/11 apparently. It does sound apocalyptic from their standpoint and it is hilarious at some point but largely, I failed to get the fun part of the three famous personalities being friends and having a scene together. I had to google each of the personalities. It took me some time to understand why each of them behaved the way they did.

It is a great story nevertheless. There is also a small treat for readers!

“Let me enlighten you. See, I guess I read because I am what you’d call a reader. Because I am interested in the life of the mind. I admit it. I don’t even have a screening room: no, instead I have a library. Imagine that! Imagine that!”

That’s Marlon Brando talking about books!

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