Fable of a Severed Head

Sajid Rashid translated by Muhammad Umar Memon

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Fable of a severed head turned out to be as captivating as the title suggests.

The author presents the view point of the protagonist’s severed head as he watches everything that goes around him. The smile that fell on his lips when he blasts the train and the tight lipped crunched face when he realised that no one claims those who take lives of the innocents, turns out to be a great literary instrument. Like ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’, this particular Story also has different expressions on the faces.

It is the story of a man residing in Mumbai. He is a simple man who studied hard, worked harder and tried to present all the happiness to his family members. Everything was going well until one day he met ‘the perfect man’. The perfect man had lived his life like a Ghazi. The Ghazi met the protagonist one day and changed his entire life, and death. A liberal Muslim is turned into a Jihadi.

The protagonist met the Gazi who brainwashed him into most fatal kind of extremism. He started hallucinating about dead bodies and severed bodies that urge him to take revenge on them, to get them justice. It is beautiful story of how a well meaning young man is pulled into terrorism.

This particular story belongs to the collection The Greatest Urdu Stories Ever Told compiled and translated by Muhammad Umar Memon. I look forward to reading ‘Sone ke Daant’ by the author.

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The Greatest Urdu Stories Ever Told

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