Obscure Domains of Fears and Desires

Naiyer Masud translated by Muhammad Umar Memon and Javaid Qazi

Read time: a minute

I don’t know what happened in the story! I just know that it left me creeped out. I am still trying to understand the story myself.

The story is essentially of a man who is sex driven. He is seeing women everywhere in the house. He finds young one ‘his little bride’. He has also found old cronies and hags. But he is attracted to an older woman who is in some ways his ‘aunt’. And whenever he tries to get close to her he feels there is an old woman watching him.

After years of looking into domains of fears and desires he finally meets the older woman once again but he is again lost in the pool of thread wrapped around the surroundings like a maze.

In the entire story he talks about women and houses. Houses are described in severe detail where he goes around finding domains of fear and desire. There is an emptiness in the story that the author is trying to fill but he can only feel through in darkness.

There is plenty untold in the story that will keep you thinking over it. The narration is like a foggy day. You see figures but don’t recognise who is who.

The story will keep ringing in your head. You will find yourself thinking about it in unexpected parts of your days, trying to figure out what the author wanted to say but love the story anyway.

This particular story belongs to the collection The Greatest Urdu Stories Ever Told compiled and translated by Muhammad Umar Memon.

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