The Man

Sayed Muhammed Ashraf translates from Urdu by Muhammad Umar Memon

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This is a rather simple story with profound emotions. Sarfaraz meets his best friend from school after fifteen years in the midst of riots. They meet and discuss their childhood days. Sarfaraz was the only boy from their village to ever go to college. He had to cross a lonely orchard into which he walked while thinking of all kinds of ghosts. But there was one thing that comforted him when he walked past the orchard all alone. He hoped he would see the man who would greet him saying Ram Ram and ask about his well being.

Due to some reason that man used to give Sarfraz the courage to walk home.

But it is a different time now. They are not the same. The man who had given him some comfort would not be the same anymore.

It is simple story based out of the premises of riots and partition again. Changing relations being the main theme of it.

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