The Pose

Anwer Khan translated from Urdu by Muhammad Umar Memon

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This story is one from the collection called The Greatest Urdu Stories compiled and translated by Muhammad Umar Memon. This book has some great of stories from famous authors such as Premchand and Manto. I had read Manto long time back after which I am returning to this book today.

This particular one is a sweet story about a spunky girl. In the story she is called ‘She’. There is no name. ‘She’ abruptly broke her stride and slipped into Shankar Cloth Store. She swiftly removes the mannequin and replaces herself with it. She stands steady as a doll when a few people pass by admiring the ‘life-like’ model that stands behind the glass. She on the other hand is having fun observing each one’s reaction. In her own way, she is looking out to the world. Those who never noticed her before now are marvelling at her beauty. After a series of successful endeavours she spots a youth and smiles. He smiled back but he is stunned too. She shyly puts the mannequin back to its position and walks out of the store. There is a slight flirtation between the youth and her which remains unspoken in the Story.

I loved this four pager short story. It is sweet.

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