Bookstamp from The Doodle Soup!

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I have waited an eternity for this!

I absolutely love these small notes that the books carry. The little notes of love, the small illegible writing that mark words and their meanings against it or any kind of personalization that comes from different readers that may have flipped the pages of the same book. This maybe the reason I love books that have come around changing hands.

Cover: Bookstamp from The Doodle Soup!

I had been looking for a book stamp since quite some time to mark my books. I had seen them being used all over the world but no one was supplying it here in India, at least not the ones I liked.

The Doodle Soup came as a pleasant surprise to me when I was going through my Instagram feed waiting for my morning tea to magically arrive. The Doodle Soup had multiple options when it came to design and personalization.

What next? I spent the next few hours selecting my design. Asking for design opinions from The Man of the House and rejecting it upon second thought. I placed an order after a while. The Man of the House said he would pay. ‘Yeah why not!’ Since he conveniently forgot to get me a book stamp from his exotic trip to Minneapolis last year!

Keya said it would take a while since she was busy being awesome somewhere else. The wait could have been fatal but I survived it.

The stamp came in cute packaging. I confess my heart skipped a beat when I saw the pad and the handle separate, but it turned out it was only for the convenience of packaging. It is a smart idea to screw on the handle to the pad. I also was not very sure of the inking since in the beginning a patch was left white. but as it turns out it takes time for the stamp to start inking evenly. It needs some rubbing before it starts functioning right. So, the stamp is here and I absolutely love it!

Do you mark your books? Let us know!

Veena Choudhary

An avid reader and history fanatic.

Mumbai, MH