DNF: One Enduring Lesson

by Jamal Merchant

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This is my second DNF of the year and I am really embarrassed. I picked up this book the first time back in September, last year. As soon as I started the book I realised the narration was completely displeasing. It was way too descriptive without making any point.

Cover: DNF: One Enduring Lesson

A young man who recently broke up with the love of his life decides to come back to India leaving his parents to realise his dream of becoming a film producer. He comes to India to study film making.

But as soon as he enters the city he finds it disappointing. He describes the rotten smell everywhere, the train rush, the overbearing weather and everything displeasing about the city. I did not like the descriptions very much but kept on reading because I knew it was true. But things got annoying when I kept waiting for the story to take shape but there were just events lined up one after the other. It was the first time I put the book down. I decided I needed a break.

Now, this is the second time I picked the book again and read till page number 104 when I realised I could no longer do it. I have read more than one third of the book. It has failed to incite any curiosity in me. I do not want to find out what happens next and the narration is crass to say the least. But what has annoyed me the most is the opposite of creativity that you see in the storytelling. The author tried to talk about all the religions, politics in the country and social problems without making any impact at all. I see the futility of reading the book further. It does not make me more empathetic. I have decided to DNF it.

Veena Choudhary

An avid reader and history fanatic.

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