Hope Hidden in Hibiscus

Shruthi EN

Read time: less than a minute

Hope Hidden in Hibiscus is a very short story by a friend. I do not want to make this post longer than the story itself, so I’m going to make this post as brief as possible.

The story is of a girl who just saw her father furious over what she did. She’s just five years old, and has taken up her share of responsibilities at home. The story begins with her father yelling at her over something—she doesn’t know what made him so angry.

This story is about a child’s innocence, and her own little battle with the belief system of the world around her. It’s about how the same thing carries different meaning to different people at different times.

Read Hope Hidden in Hibiscus, and it will leave you thinking for a while. Join with us for fun; read one short story a day, along with us. You can even suggest short stories that you’d like us to read!

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