Puerile Delusion

Preeti De Sarkar

Read time: less than a minute

All right, what am I to do when my friends write short stories and I like them! Puerile Delusion is a short story by another blogger friend. Ex-blogger, actually; she doesn’t blog anymore.

As the title suggests, this story is of a child; a little girl whose only sister has been ill for what seems like a long time. The little one is close to her sister, so much that they “[didn’t] need words to communicate.” The little one wants her sister’s suffering to end.

This story will leave you thinking about how the story can have different aspects. Go ahead and read Puerile Delusion, and see what you understand from it!

Join in for fun and read one short story every day, along with us. You can even suggest short stories you’d like us to read! Cheers!

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