Maryse Meijer

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This story came as a surprise. A pleasant one, for the narrator is a ‘Rag’. That’s right! a piece of cloth that is found stuck deep down a woman’s throat.

The rag begins with the rag describing how it was found in the throat of a woman. A powerless rag that it was remained unbeatable against all the forces of the woman.

The rag knows things. It may be powerless but it knows everything.

I know what it means to be soft, to be limp, to glide along a slick surface, to gather, to suck, to twist, to soak, to lie still. To become something suddenly very hard, immovable, in the body of the beloved. To transform. My nature. I don’t judge his, or hers. We all surprised each other with what we could become; I turned him into a murderer, her into a corpse.

During the story the narrator talks about the love affair between the man and the woman, their lust for each other and the eventual murder. The Rag is the witness and the evidence.

The is creepy, but a good kind (if there is that kind at all). The beauty of the story lies in the narration however. You have to read it to actually appreciate it.

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