Sanatan Choudhuri’s Wife

Kamala Das

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This is a very, very short story. It spans only two pages but it is worth a read. It is a story of a happily married man named Gopi Menon. But there was slight crack in the otherwise polished glass. Menon’s wife was once sleeping next to him when she called out another man’s name out of no where. This deed done in sleep became the nudging force that compelled Menon to keep a strict eye on his wife.

He started noticing small things about his wife. Oddly enough, she has more kanjivaram sarees than he had ever gifted her for even could gift her for that matter. He became rather uncomfortable. He suddenly decided to put his wife to a test. He followed her to another man’s house and found her rather comfortable there.

What follows is an unforeseen turn of events. Quite unpredictable.

The story has a shocking end. Kamala Das’s narration is impeccable. This one is a must read.

I read this story in ‘The Parrots of Desire’ by Amrita Narayanan. Parrots of Desire is an anthology of erotic Indian writings. The book was kindly sent to me By aleph publishing company.

This story can be found in the collection called ‘Padmavati, the harlot and other stories’ in case you would not want to pick up the anthology.

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Padmavati, the harlot and other stories

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