The Cure

Ginu Kamani

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This is a weird story. Much like The Wagon but not quite alike. This is the story of a young girl who cannot stop growing. She does not have any control over it. No one has. She describes her image as

I now had to stand far back to see my full frame in the cupboard mirror. My face was no longer in line with the top of the mirror when I stood flush against it.

This disturbed her parents a great deal. Her father stopped speaking to her mother since he believed it couldn’t have been his child and that his wife must have cheated on him. This put the mother in a bitter position.

Cover: The Cure

In order to cure this illness, her mother calls a sexologist to treat her daughters. She believes he would be the only one who could stop her from growing into a giantess. Instead, the doctor abuses her every single time calling it a universal procedure.

The story turns nightmarish where the society is looking down upon the girl. Even though she is still in school, her mother intends to marry her off, preferably with an alliance that could take her far away from her. She meets a marriage broker who rather boasts about her conquests.

‘We have married,’ She sang at the top of her voice, ‘The blind..the deaf…the frigid…the diabetics..amputees…midgets…mental girls…alcoholics…women of the night..and also giants, like your daughter.’

The protagonist decides to put a stop to all this. The doctor is asked to not come again. She has a courage to imagine a life with another man. Someone who would not touch her.

However, things fall apart when the man who hurt her was given the full custody of the girl.

This is a rather odd story. I have not read anything like this before. It feels like those odd 5am dreams that one has where everything is possible and those feel like reality until you wake up with a start. There are many elements in the story that hint an illusion but they are scary as reality.

I read this story in ‘The Parrots of Desire’ by Amrita Narayanan. Parrots of Desire is an anthology of erotic Indian writings. The book was kindly sent to me By aleph publishing company.

This story can be found in the collection called ‘Junglee Girl’ by Ginu Kamani in case you would not want to pick up the anthology.

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Junglee Girl

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