Under Cover of Darkness

Nirmal Verma, translated from Hindi by Jai Ratan

Read time: less than a minute

Dark stuff. I think I’m attracting some dark stuff of late. The last story I read was a dark one as well. Anyway, this story has a child as the narrator. He’s ill, in Simla. It starts with his friend standing next to him, worried that he’d get well soon, and subsequently, would leave for Delhi. The story slowly evolves into something way more serious than that.

More than the storyline, it is about the feelings, the doubts, the confusion, the connection… about relationships—about how we humans deal with what we deal with. That way, it’s a nice, candid piece of work. It is about how a child what he sees, through his eyes of innocence.

To us adults, it is also about what’s important in relationships. About what drives relationships. And what destroys them.

Go ahead and read the story for yourself to find out what exactly it is. Also, join us in the journey of reading one book a day. You could even send us short stories or just their names, to review!

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