Japanese fairytales

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Fairytales have always been my favourite. Like someone once said, they restore hope in us. They remind us of simple lessons that we may have forgotten. And like CS Lewis said “someday you will be old enough to read fairytales again.” I found a few of these beautiful booklets, if that’s what I can call them. And this is my second attempt at reading these beautiful illustrated copies of stories from different places and times. So here I am indulging in fairytales once again because we all need a break from reality.

This book is titled “Japanese fairytales”. It is a collection of short fairytales under about 50 pages and if the beautiful cover doesn’t have you, the illustrations inside will.

Cover: Urashima

From stories about great warriors, goblin spiders and of adventures and love. This tiny book has a mix of everything. Laden with magic, courage and wise lessons that have been told and retold to generations now, this book makes for a fantastic quick read that you can possibly devour in a few minutes. Though I enjoyed all the stories just as much, I liked the story about Urashima the most. Urashima is a young boy who is rewarded by the God of Sea for his act of kindness. And as time progresses he asks for something that changes his life. It is a story full of magic, life lessons and consequences- just as a perfect fairytale should be.

If you enjoy stories of the bygone times or if you just like stashing away beautiful stories to tell over a campfire- go on and read this one!

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